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Apply for loans – Hassle free process

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Financial Convention

Make the right Investment in life for the right reason. Choose FINSTRUMENT for a right decision. Find the right service and the right adviser to fulfil all your needs without a need to be stressed or pressurized by the financial burden. Let us help you plan a secured future and never have a second thought to reach out to everything you've always wanted.

"Focus on solutions, not on the problems", the very famous quote that happens to motivate anyone who wish to walk their path to success. At any stage of development in life, money plays a vital role. From owning a house, starting a business, going abroad for further studies, sending children to schools to travelling the world, passion/interest is only half complete without the rupee factor. The rupee factor has been the cause of fear proving to be the biggest obstacle for a common man to reach his goals.

Yet, things have been made possible over the time with the help of banks and money lenders. There has been immense rise in the banking sector both Government and private. Banks lend money in the form of loans, which are customer beneficial.

About Loans

Loans if defined are basically the money lend by banks or private financial companies to the clients charging some basic interest rates for a fixed period of time. This helps the customer to satisfy his/her immediate needs and grow sustainably. Loans are either secured or unsecured, s ecured loans involve collateral of any physical property whereas unsecured loans are mostly credit cards or signature loans. The amount received in the starting after the loan is sanctioned is called the principal to which the customer is obliged to pay fixed interest.

Obtaining a loan in the early 20th century was a difficult task, with not much advancement in technology, so much of paper work had to be done before the loan would process. Even after the basic work cleared, the processing would take months for the loan to be sanctioned. Thanks to the advancement that took place in the recent years, things have become much easier now, with everything being updated online, sanctioning of a loan has become a hassle free process.

Loan amounts are sanctioned depending on the income of the client and credit scores or the value of an asset provided to the bank. The amount borrowed can be paid back in installments.

Personal Loans

Personal Loans

Personal loans are taken mostly to clear day-to-day emergencies. They generally have higher interest rates compared to the rest and

the amount received is tend to be limited since it does not require any collateral just like unsecured loans. They are merely based on their trust on the client to return back the sum. It could include hospital expenses, marriage expenses, clearing other debts etc.

Education Loans

Education Loans

Getting an alternative option than falling into debt is a smart choice while thinking of further studies in any of the best colleges across.

Education loans also known as student loans serve as an alternate for students aspiring to reach success in their careers.Banks offer education loans for completing studies in abroad or in a reputed university in the country. With low interest rates and higher time period, it is easier to payback for the students after the course is finished. Depending on the sum required, a collateral is asked to present. Parents acceptance and the income of either of them is required if the amount required is small, while for large sum some collateral is required.

Business Loans

Business Loans

These loans are for companies looking forward to expand or start a business in their respective areas.Generally the progress of work determines

the money that would be released. Though the interest rates are not high compared to personal loans, certain aspects have to be cleared before the loan is sanctioned. The income tax returns, KYC documents and firm documents stand out to be must needed along with various other documents.

Home Loans

Home Loans

These are the most commonly sanctioned loans to any individual. Every individual wishing to buy

a dream home approaches banks for a home loan. Very often, certain property documents are assured as collateral for a huge amount. Though interest rates vary from bank to bank there is not much difference.

Vehicle Loans

Vehicle Loans

While vehicle loans are specifically for purchasing commercial or non- commercial vehicles, they are also known as car loans.

Commercial vehicles include auto-rickshaws, trucks, mini-trucks etc., non-commercial vehicles are vehicles used for personal use e.g. cars.

Gold Loans

Gold Loans

Such loans are sanctioned when the customer acquires money in return of gold which may be jewellery or gold coins.

The security against the payment is the gold, the bank undertakes from the client. In case of such requirement, the amount merely depends on the rate of the ornament and only a certain % of it is released to the customer.

Acquiring a loan is EASY

Getting a loan is easy, but FINSTRUMENT makes it even more easier for its clients. The trust a client has had on the company is the result of this immense success over the years. Being one of the top most companies we strive to reach the customer's demands, in order to help them find the solution to their problem.

Finstrument is a B2C digital platform that gives access to all the loan providers and loan seekers. Once the loan providers register themselves with the finstrument group, the customers can get the access. As long as the loan providers are registered with our organization, the representative of the registered company will take care of the entire process on behalf of the client without even a need for the client to come to the office.

The only case when the client will have to visit the bank would be for a gold loan. In case of gold loan, it is not suggested to give gold to a third person. Hence, the client will have to approach directly without any third person intervention.

Why Finstrument?

  • No squabbling -Hassle free process to apply for a loan.
  • Expert Opinion -It is always preferable to take the expert's advice to choose the right bank to avoid making the wrong move. Finstrument provides highly experienced officials to guide our clients in the right path. The easy access to experts have helped the clientele get a better understanding about the schemes, benefits, and the basic details about the financial sector.
  • Finstrument family - Be a part of the finstrument family and get exclusive door step services.
  • Fast and on time - Choose us for fast processing of your loan along with a timely update.
  • Diverse options -Customers are given the choice to select from our diverse range of services that shall suit their requirements accordingly.
  • Integrity - Finstrument abides by certain integrity and transparency thus not entertaining any kind of illegal methods to complete the work.

Our organization is certified and all the services provided are registered promising its customers 100% genuine results.