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Life Insurance

Be insured and secure you family

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About Life Insurence

Generally in most of the families, the person earning an income is considered the head of the family. The responsibility of looking after his children, his wife, his parents and assuring their future is entirely upon him which makes him feel more cautious towards his life. Not to wish, but if he meets with an accident or suffers a fatal disease or in the worst case scenario dies, the family needs support. The fear of losing shelter, not being able to secure children's life and having no food to eat creates a havoc in one's life.

The only way to reduce this havoc is by opting a life insurance policy. Opting a life insurance policy not just secures a family's future but also proves beneficial for it to be used in old age. A person who is insured for life need not worry about his whereabouts during his old age. Unlike others he need not worry who will take care of him with respect to finances.

Life insurance helps a family with a strong and secured financial support under any circumstances. As said, it is often better to be 5 years early than 5 minutes late. Single mistake could cost an entire family's happiness and well being.

What is Life Insurance?

An agreement made between the policy issuer and the policy buyer. In simple terms, life insurance is a policy that is taken to protect one's loved ones in any unfortunate incident in life by assuring them with the monetary support. The assurance is given by the policy issuer with certain terms and conditions. The issuer has to pay the beneficiary payment to the policy owner's family upon his/her death. However there are various types in an insurance, though the basic ideology is the same, some differences are observed based on the policy.

The advantage of an insurance is that the risk of few people is divided amongst a very large group who happen to suffer from the same risk. This helps in reducing the financial burden on everyone equally.

Human Life Value (HLV)

In case one has to ask for a life insurance, what amount would he need? how much money would be needed to secure his family with the same standards of life even after his death? The human life value or HLV determines how much money on an average would be required by the family, to live a healthy and a happier life even after the head of the family or the income generator passes away. In case of an untimely death of the person who earns for the family the policy owner has to make sure to consider all the factors affecting HLV and decide a fixed amount to avoid problems later.

Looking at the factors that decide HLV would include basic factors like age of the person insured, his work status, salary, work bonus/benefits amongst many other factors. Based on such factors, insurance providers decide the HLV in a process.

Premium, Policy, Precaution and Protection

Insurance for life is all about accumulating money for a future emergency.

The person who pays the amount need not be the same person who is insured, a husband can pay to insure for his wife, or he could pay for his aged parents or even his children. Since, he is the owner of the policy, he shall be responsible for all the payments and not the one who is insured.

Premium - Premium is the amount paid by the policy owner at regular intervals or in a single payment. Regular intervals would be probably quarterly, half-yearly or annually, where as single payment is a huge amount paid at once in the starting.

The cost of the insurance is calculated by the mortality table while the premium is calculated by the health records of the family, insured person and their body mass. Mortality table shows the average deaths per year among different age groups. This average shows the maximum number of deaths according to the age groups, which helps the policy insurers to set a limit accordingly. While the insured amount is fixed, the premium changes according to the policy owner's health record, family's health history, number of accidents occurred over a certain period of time etc.

The insurance policy has to be carefully understood because, some of them insure certain amount for critical or incurable illness other than demise but other policies do not offer any sum for any other reasons apart from death. It is often a boon to get the policy rightly insured than suffering later.

The other main clause to look into is the suicidal cases. Very often insurance providers do not insure any amount in the case the insured tries to kill self.

Precaution is always a better choice to make to protect your near and dear ones.



After a certain period of time or after the insured attains certain age , the insurance is matured.

Based on the time limit e.g. 20-25 years or if the insured person ages 80-90 years, the insurance is called matured, where the person can collect the amount he accumulated over the period of time along with other bonuses and interests. The redemption is paid on the premiums paid throughout the years from the day policy was made.

Insurance or Assurance

Insurance or Assurance ?

Very often, clients mistake insurance to assurance. The basic difference is in case the policy is assured,

it means certain amount will definitely be given in an incident that is surely to happen. For e.g. death of an old person in the family, education of a just born child etc.In case of insurance, it means that if any incident takes place which is often unexpected, certain amount will be released based on the policy insured and the premium paid, for instance, an accident or an unexpected death etc.

Face Amount

Face Amount

Upon the death of the person, some amount is released as soon as the person dies,irrespective of the premium paid or

the amount insured. This face amount might be more than the money insured or could be less than the money insured.

The total insured amount is released certainly after collecting some proof of death as guarantee. After the death of the person, in normal cases a death certificate is required by the policy provider whereas in uncommonly deaths, investigation is carried out before releasing the payment.

Having a secured future with a life insurance reduces much tension and relives a person from the fear of his/her family future.

Since not everyone is aware of the insurance policies and the risk associated with it, FINSTRUMENT steps in to help every family get an insurance as per their needs.

Role of Finstrument

Not all organizations are successful in providing the right advisers to the insurance seekers often leading them to a confused state regarding the policies and their terms. Reach us and we will help you reach the right insurance adviser. Tell us your need and be rest assured, without even having to step out of your comfort zone, the insurance policy providers will reach you clarify all your doubts and queries.

Being an online platform, we have experts from all over who are ready to help the seekers with proper HLV calculations, adept officials to assist the client to claim settlements.

Get an aid, from FINSTRUMENT, for issuing the insurance policy faster than many other organizations.

  • The most important role of our organization is to connect you with the right person for apt results. Every insurance provider is registered and verified before he gets to interact with the client.
  • No third person involvement is entertained between the loan dispenser and the borrower.

What makes the difference between FINSTRUMENT and any other large organizations is the vast connection of seekers and providers across the country, providing a platform to everyone who wish to sell their policy or buy one. Our unique approach towards understanding the problems of a common man and guiding him through difficult path has helped many families sustain a happy and a prosperous life even after huge tragedies in their lives.