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Health Insurance

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Health Insurance

Unlike our previous generations we are prone to many fatal diseases that could lead to severe damages to our body or inappropriate deaths. Living a healthy and a balanced life can sometimes fail to protect us from falling ill. Not just the unnamed diseases that have increased over a decade but also the cost associated with them. Yet, the income a worker earns is more or less the same throughout all these years. Definitely the companies provide health benefits to their workers in today's corporate sector, but the amount they pay is never sufficient for all the purposes. Due to this reason, everyone is advised to take a private health insurance plan. Just like other insurance policies, health insurance is provided for the person who wishes to not be a burden on the family during any medical treatment financially. Even if not burden, it is always a smart choice to choose a health insurance to cover most of your hospital treatment including food, accommodation and other major surgeries.

With low premium rates, and many added advantages it is affordable by people of any class or age.

While health insurance is not limited to only one member, the policy can be covered for two or three people in a family. The entire family can be insured with a single premium without any difficulty.

Senior citizens often require to visit the hospitals at regular intervals for checkups, treatments or ailments. It is definitely necessary to look after their health and any medical emergency can completely shake the entire family's peace. Having a future planning and acquiring a health insurance can be beneficial to everyone.

Diabetes, obesity, heart attacks, kidney problems, deadly diseases like cancer, lung diseases or any other major harm to the body should be able to put you in a tuff place to get a treatment.

There are so many people in today's world, who do not wish to go to hospitals to get a treatment for any sickness and the reason they have is the cost that they will have to pay during the therapy. It becomes beyond their capacity to bear the bills hospitals charge. The government has been trying to provide services at minimal cost for them, but for others health insurance acts as a saviour.

Types of Health Insurance

Individual Insurance Policy

This policy provides insurance to individuals for treatments. The insured amount is only given to the policy insured and not to

anyone behalf of them. The entire premium paid is calculated based on the person's age, health status and salary of that individual. Premiums are paid in a single payment or in instalments like other insurance policies.

Family Health Insurance     

Single policy coverage is provided for the entire family in the family health plan. Under a single premium one can register

two or three members of the house for multiple diseases. The difference between an individual insurance policy and family health plan is that a certain amount is fixed for all the family members which can either be used for one in a single time or all, depending on the need and emergency.

Insurance For Senior Citizens

According to a rule passed by the IRDAI, it is a must for every organization to include insurance for people aged above 65 years.

Health insurance for multiple checkups, treatments and aids are provided for people above 60 years of age. This insurance covers treatment, food, accommodation (if admitted to the hospital) and medicines. Generally, the premiums paid for such insurances are less compared to the other types.

Insurance For Severe Illness/Accidents

Problems like kidney failure, heart stroke, bone marrow transplantation or treatments in cases of accidents

are very costly and cannot be handled by a single family without any external support. Health insurance providers do provide support for such treatments but since the cost is high, the premiums are high. Coverage for severe illness costs comparatively more than the other insurances.

Benifits of Having a Health Insurance

Free Treatment

A person having an insurance coverage is at a benefit of enjoying all the treatments at free of cost. Making sure the authorities know your policy

number is all that one has to do. Until the limit of amount fixed under the policy name is reached, there is no need to pay even a single rupee. Expenses over the insurance limit, have to be paid by the insured. The only thing to remember is that the one who is admitted in the hospital should have been registered by the policy provider.

Before and After Services

The benefit of a health insurance is that certain services are provided after the discharge or before admitting to the hospital depending on the policy purchased.

Based on the policy coverage, some companies offer facilities like transportation i.e. ambulance services without any charges, but to note that the expenses are related to the illness.

No Claim Bonus

One of the biggest advantages of having a health insurance is you get the no claim bonus. No claim bonus is offered by the insurance providers

if the insured person does not opt or claim insurance during the said time period generally yearly. Thus, if there is no claim for the entire year, a special bonus is paid to the client which can be availed or used for later purposes.

Choose Finstrument for a Healthy Life :-

  • An immediate response is a promise from every member of finstrument. Serving the client has always been the top priority. The client is answered within minutes of his query and will be provided access to an expert in order to give them more clarity about the service.
  • Fast and speedy confirmation by the company issuing the policy. A constantly updated report is issued to the client regarding the processing and track of the insurance.
  • Online status check can be availed for those who wish to check their details and other information online, to keep a record about their policy.

Being a digital platform, we have been able to connect to many people across the country who needed our guidance to obtain a right policy. This has helped us understand our customers in a much better way and in turn adapt and change to the necessary feedback provided by them.