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Credit Cards

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About Cards

Credit Cards enable a person to make purchases irrespective of their bank balance. It is one type of loan in which the fixed amount is credited to the card every month and a bill for all the purchases is released at the end of every month.

Few customers wish to pay the bills quarterly or half-yearly, based on the norms as discussed during the purchase of a credit card.

Based on the balance of the card, interest rates vary.

Business Cards

These cards are generally used by various organizations and big companies to carry forward transactions without setting a limit.

Such cards are often issued under the name of the company and can only be used for trading purposes.

Secured Credit Cards

Any account holder of a particular bank is eligible for a credit card, provided it is secured by a deposit account.

The cardholder is expected to make regular payments in the said intervals of time. The charges of a secured credit card are more than an ordinary card.

Prepaid Credit Cards

Much like prepaid sim cards in mobiles, in prepaid credit cards the cardholder himself

deposits some amount in the card which he uses later for any further transactions.

Digital Cards

Unlike all the above-mentioned cards, digital cards are merely online payment cards that are used for transactions.

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